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Indenting HTML output in PHP

I care about indenting my HTML output from PHP scripts and prefer to keep this between the <?php ?> blocks. Another thing is that I want to keep my code < 80 chars/line. That’s why I use a very simple but neat function that helps me do this and read and check my HTML output […]

Remove ^M with Vim

These are instructions on how to get rid of ^M in text-files with the use of Vim. In Linux/Unix by pressing: :%s/^M//g Note that ^M is inserted by pressing the keystoke: Ctrl+V  Ctrl+M This is because Ctrl+V will give the escaped form of the key pressed after this. You’ll see that when you press Ctrl+V […]

Using a smart host in OpenBSD’s sendmail

Here are some quick notes of configuring sendmail(8) to transfer mail to your ISP’s smart host on a standard OpenBSD Installation. Tested with OpenBSD 4.7/i386 and 4.8/i386 First, make a copy of the default configuration. Here ‘mysettings’ is something you can name anything you’d like.